Become a Performer

    *You must provide a link to a video of you flying

    Become a Jetpack Performer for Global Jetpacks. We have extensive training facilities for all Jetpacks boards and bikes.

    We can offer international show contracts to enable you to indulge your passion of flying as a Job career.

    If you feel your skill levels are already high enough send thru an email with a video of your best moves and we can discuss a team member position.

    International contracts vary with a standard 6 month 7 day contract the maximum available. 1 month contracts are available on occasion.
    All pilots are expected to audition specific routines live or via video.

    Specific training can be provided at many of our locations to bring your skill levels up to the required advanced level.

    Usually included are all airfares, accomodation and a great weekly pay packet